I have been a clay artist for over forty years.  My goal has always been to create interesting functional pieces that people will enjoy and use often.  I work both in stoneware and in porcelain using a potter's wheel, and now I often incorporate  hand built  or carved additions into my work. I have recently been creating large tiles using several different stoneware clay bodies with their colors and textural differences enhancing the images.

An avid gardener, I have created a series of items for garden ornamentation –Garden Beads – sculptural pieces comprised of individual elements stacked together in interesting arrangements.  They are wonderful complements to any garden environment. 

My studio is located in a beautiful setting in the mountains east of Albuquerque, where I enjoy watching the weather change over the San Pedro and Ortiz mountains, and the many song birds and cottontails that live in and beneath the piñons in my backyard. This special place has been an inspiration for the pieces that I create.

Clay is a wonderful medium, perfect in every way for many uses and forms of expression.  It is also one of the most enduring art forms in any culture.  It lets my spirit sing.



The photos of my work on the website are examples of the pieces that I make.  Some items are available for purchase and others would have to be made to order. Please contact me about specific items and for additional pricing information.